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Kwantek’s Working Style Assessment can help you place the right candidates for the right job. Perhaps more importantly, it can help you avoid placing the right candidates in the wrong job.

In high-turnover industries, it’s increasingly difficult to find high quality employees. When you find them, you want to do everything you can to hang on to them - which is why it’s critical to place them in a position that best suits their working style.

The Kwantek Working Style Assessment is a brief questionnaire at the end of your employment application that gives you unprecedented insight into exactly what kind of role in which the employee would thrive the most.

Icons Help You Quickly Match Prospect to Job

green people
red people
event workers
yellow charger

Quickly Understand Which Role Best Suits the Candidate


Day Shift / Night Shift


Crowded vs. Isolated Environments


Future Leaders & Site Managers


Event & Temporary Workers

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