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Case Studies

Read through our collection of Case Studies and find out how Kwantek’s Applicant Tracking System can help your hiring needs.

Kwantek has experience throughout the United States and Canada with organizations of every size and in multiple fields and specialties. We focus on delivering the services you need to invest in the right people. We also work closely with our clients, who know their individual industries well and who are our best advisers and informed critics. Our Solutions and Services enjoy a demonstrated record of success particularly in the Security and Building Industries.


With narrow profit margins and the frequent need for rapid placements, our solutions and services provide the extra value demanded by security contractors. By implementing Kwantek Solutions and Services, security companies are seeing tangible savings in administrative resources, overtime expenditures, unemployment claims and other costs associated with turnover.

Building Services

The growing building industry experiences constraints similar to the security industry and has also begun to embrace what Kwantek technology can do to impact its bottom-line. We’ve grown accustomed to the specific needs of the building services industry, and we’ve specifically tailored our software based on our building customers needs and wants.

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