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Let’s face it: turnover is going to happen in building services. Your job is to figure out how to increase retention. That starts in the screening process. Kwantek’s Integrated Applicant Tracking Solution (iATS) helps you identify the candidates with the highest likelihood of retention right out of the gate. This means you’re only interviewing the best possible candidates, reducing your time spent interviewing and increasing their time spent employed by you.
Constant paperwork? Redundant employee onboarding processes? Shelling out overtime pay due to understaffing? We get it. Having a recruiting process that is old-school, inefficient, or both can be draining on your time and money. Kwantek’s iATS eliminates the need for paper and streamlines your recruitment processes, meainng your teams are fully staffed for longer. Our building services contractor companies save tens of thousands of dollars each year thanks to the systems they’ve implemented using the Kwantek iATS.



Aetna Integrated Services Saved $164,000 in the First Year using Kwantek

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Improve Your Efficiency

Are you still using paper printouts? From the inefficiencies of sorting through stacks of applications to learning the best candidate’s application got stuck on someone’s desk, you’re likely familiar with the many headaches paper can cause.
Kwantek provides an online platform that helps you share, track, and store applicant profiles so the process moves smoothly. A digital process also reduces walk-in job seekers, so you have fewer interruptions to your busy day.

Better Your Candidate Pool

Are you still posting to job boards manually? Kwantek integrates with dozens of the most popular job boards to help you spend more time making sure your post attracts the right kinds of applicants.
Once you start getting applicants, Kwantek can automate the background check and administer a working-style assessment. This additional layer of screening helps ensure you’re interviewing only the highest quality of candidates.

Improve Your Efficiency

Improved retention means increased profitability, which is our mission for every one of our clients. High turnover rate causes a ripple effect that drains profitability in multiple ways, especially if you already have an inefficient hiring process.
Kwantek allows you to hire smarter, hire less frequently, with an easy-to-use and efficient system. The end result? You’ll have happier employees, more time, and increased profitability.

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