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High-turnover industries need more than just recruiting software

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Companies that hire at high volume have long-standing hiring processes and dozens of hiring managers. Switching to an applicant tracking software plugs you into a brand new way of doing things, causing training nightmares. Kwantek adapts to your existing process while giving you all the tools you need to hire at high volumes and maintain compliance.

Hiring More Than Just "Warm Bodies"


In high-turnover industries, hiring managers are often tempted to hire anyone with reliable transportation and a desire to work. Hasty hiring decisions place candidates in jobs that don't fit their working style, resulting in extremely high retention rates. Kwantek's proprietary Working Style Assessment helps you match candidates to the perfect position and improve long-term retention.

How It Works

Get More Applicants


Kwantek is built for wide reach on the largest job boards in the world right down to job boards unique to your industry. Increase the number of overall job prospects to your job postings.

Screen for Fit


Our industry-specific hiring assessments help you identify which candidates belong in which positions. Find out which candidates are better suited for event work, day shift, night shift, and more.

Compliant On-Boarding


Avoid the pitfalls of the ever-changing world of government compliance in your employee on-boarding process. Take advantage of our HR support and


Pre-Hire Compliance Assessment

Far too often, silly mistakes in the pre-hire process can result in that expense being doubled and combined with an exhausting lawsuit. Take this brief quiz to find out if your job posting and application are in legal compliance.

Offer First Formula for Security Contractors

The hiring landscape is changing rapidly and your potential job prospects have more options than ever before. In this eBook, find out how to combat a common problem in the security industry: interview no-shows.

Hiring Cleaners in 2019

This webinar focuses on the rapidly changing hiring landscape for Building Services Companies. In this webinar, we unveil our proprietary hiring data, industry benchmarks, and best practices for hiring in the BSC Industry.

Security Hiring Report Card

Find out how you stack up against other security companies. In this free report, gather never-before-seen industry metrics from Kwantek, where we break down the data from processing over 1,000,000 security guard applicants.

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